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PowerAI  software platform

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AI-based visual data processing

Secure and Scalable Data Management

Collaborate with utility teams and compare data across inspections

Login, access, and manage data via secure instances

Analyze inspection data with Machine Vision AI for asset anomaly detections

Map structures and assets with GIS mapping and visualizations

Track and predict asset failures with Predictive Insights Engine

Integrate AI plugins, APIs, and microservices securely with existing platforms

Export inspection insights and reports in customizable formats

Platform Walkthrough

PowerAI  APIs

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Easy, seamless and secure integration into existing infrastructure

AI processing, analytics, and personalization

Fault Detection APIs

Leverage the power of our Asset Fault Detection APIs in your systems and existing platforms.

Predictive Analytics APIs

Eliminate uncertainty with our Asset Predictive Insight/Analytics Engine APIs in your systems.

Predictive Analytics

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Analytics, Actionable Insights, Visualization dashboards

Historical visual, weather, line data patterns

Predictive Asset Management system

Asset and Line health forecasting

Our Predictive Insights Engine assesses the likelihood of asset degradation, line health, vegetation encroachment, and future hotspot areas.

Buzz algorithms allow users to track assets and components in the field, gaining insights into asset procurement and structures.

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