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Efficient  Infrastructure Inspections with the most accurate AI

Optimize inspections to reduce costs
Accelerate total time-to-maintenance
Reduce risk of infrastructure failure
Ensure resilience for an aging power grid


Our software platform, REST APIs, and predictive analytics efficiently and accurately inspect utilities and safeguard energy infrastructure. With our Machine Vision algorithms, PowerAI detects anomalies and manages vegetation for infrastructure inspections.


Through a digital transformation, our technology can prevent power outages and wildfires for power infrastructure inspections.

Data Management

Our AI is data source agnostic and provides accurate results for a wide range of visual data sources including drones, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and static cameras.

AI Processing

Our AI algorithms are trained on proprietary datasets and guided by industry experts. We create data portfolios, annotated systems and case-specific machine vision algorithms, achieving state-of-the-art accuracy for asset anomaly detection.

Actionable Insights

Our predictive analytics and asset fault detection allows utilities to mitigate issues more quickly, saving time and money while preventing power outages and wildfires.

cost savings

On data processing & visual fault detection

time savings

In man hours for data processing & fault analysis


Annual savings, per utility, for outage prediction using predictive asset management

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“Buzz Solutions showed that using an artificial intelligence-based platform significantly reduced the time required for inspection and analysis. Asset images can be analyzed in hours or days rather than months and allow our maintenance groups to prioritize repairs and reduce the potential of failure. Drone technology has the potential to streamline the way we analyze our transmission assets. This collaboration allows NYPA to leverage new technology to meet its mission of providing reliable, low-cost and clean energy to customers.” — New York Power Authority

EPRI Incubatenergy + Newfoundland Power Case Study

The PowerAI software platform provides an end-to-end solution for cost and time-efficient visual data management, processing, and analytics.


Read Our Use Case White Paper

Our software platform, PowerAI, is powered by novel Machine Vision algorithms, analytics and Predictive Asset Management systems. Read more to learn about our industry use cases.




New AI Platform Scans Thousands of Images for Wildfire Prevention
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