Safeguarding the World's Energy Infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence, Actionable Insights and Predictive Analytics for Power Line and Grid Inspections
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Our Machine Vision AI processes visual data faster and saves 6 months of manual analysis time. Our Predictive and Comparative Analytics provides insights into the T&D assets, improving speed and efficiency in the inspection and maintenance process

Cost Efficient

Our Machine Vision and Predictive algorithms help power utilities save an average 50% on costs for data processing in asset inspections, operations, and maintenance


Our AI algorithms are trained on proprietary datasets and guided by industry experts for creating data portfolios, annotated systems and case-specific Machine Vision algorithms, achieving state-of-the-art accuracies for asset anomaly detection 

Data Source Agnostic

Our Machine Vision and Analytics algorithms are data source agnostic and deliver highly accurate results for a wide range of visual data sources including drones, helicopters, fixed wing aircrafts, and static cameras

Prevent Power Outages and Wildfires

Our mission is to improve utility inspection processes by providing digital transformation which in turn helps modernize the energy infrastructure, prevent power outages and wildfires


Our Technology

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Our software platform provides:

  • Secure and scalable data management 

  • Collaboration between and across utility teams

  • Secure instances for logging in, accessing and manipulating stored data

  • Use of novel Machine Vision asset fault detection AI

  • Use of our novel Predictive Insights Engine, which enables predictive decisions on assets, visualization dashboards, and asset tracking/management algorithms

  • Seamless incorporation into any existing cloud infrastructure

  • Securely integrate our AI plugins, APIs and microservices with existing platforms

Asset Anomaly Detection

Our proprietary Machine Vision algorithms detects all the major failure modes and anomalies on Transmission and Distribution lines and assets with the highest precision and accuracy as well as the lowest false positive and negative rates. These failure modes evaluate the health of assets including all classes of insulators, conductors, connectors, hardware, amor grips, poles, cross-arms and towers, as well as vegetation encroachment and management. Our Machine Vision algorithms power our PowerAI Software Platform and are available as APIs and micro-services for existing platforms.

Asset Tracking and Predictive Insights

Our algorithms allow users to track assets and components in the field, gaining insights into asset procurement and structures. Relevant predictive insights are provided by our Predictive Insights Engine algorithms for assessing the likelihood of asset degradation, line health, vegetation encroachment, and future hotspot areas.

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Fault Detection APIs

Leverage the power of our Asset Fault Detection APIs in your systems and existing platforms. Easy, seamless and secure integration into existing infrastructure

Predictive Analytics APIs

Leverage the power of our Asset Predictive Insight/Analytics Engine APIs in your systems. Easy, seamless and secure integration into existing infrastructure


"StartX startup Buzz Solutions out of Stanford, California just introduced its AI solution to help utilities quickly spot powerline and grid faults so repairs can be made before wildfires start."

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