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Summer Internship Experience at Buzz Solutions

What’s your name and internship role at Buzz?

Maria Metzger – UX/UI Designer

What was exciting for you about working for a startup in the energy space?

It’s been really exciting to work on products that can make such a positive impact on our world, combining my passions for problem-solving and sustainability. I’ve enjoyed seeing the impact of my design work within our team as well as the potential Buzz has to transform the energy landscape. I’ve gotten to learn so much from this team about energy infrastructure, the problems it can cause, and the technology that can safeguard it.

What was your internship and what was a typical day for you like during your time as an intern at Buzz?

As a UX/UI design intern, I worked primarily on redesigning Buzz’s external website and user-facing platform. Typically, I’d check in with our project manager and other team members to establish my priorities, then I’d iteratively design features of the website and platform on Figma. I’d send these designs to the team, make any necessary changes, and work through each page and feature of the products this way!

What have been some of your biggest learnings over the course of the summer internship?

It’s been really special to be the designer for an emerging startup – making the executive design decisions while communicating with a small team. I’ve honed my technical design skills while working on the website and the platform, as well as communication and organization skills during my day-to-day. In these ways, I’ve become a more efficient and effective designer and collaborator.

What is the most interesting project that you have worked on during your time at Buzz?

It’s been fascinating to redesign Buzz’s platform, PowerAI. My goal has been to make the platform more user-friendly while refreshing the user interface with a more modern, sleek look. Because it’s such a complex product, it’s both challenging and rewarding to redesign. By brainstorming with the team, mocking up a few different design solutions, and revising, I’ve been able to achieve my goal!

How has your experience been working with the mission and team culture of Buzz?

It’s been great working with the Buzz team! Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging, and I’ve gotten to learn so much from the work others have done. I’ve particularly enjoyed our weekly Team Breakfasts where we talk about all things non-work-related and bond as a team.

What is your favorite hobby or favorite weekend activity?

I love exploring art museums, shops, and restaurants with friends! I’ve spent most of my summer in New York City, and it’s been so much fun to become more acquainted with the city that way.

When was the last time that you did something for the first time?

Working at Buzz Solutions is my first time designing on an industry level! I had done UX/UI design work in classes, organizations, and freelance, but I hadn’t been fortunate enough to work for a company like Buzz! Working in this dynamic startup has broadened my thinking and exposed me to a whole new industry.

What is something else you are passionate about outside of work?

I’m passionate about health and fitness in its many forms – running, lifting, hiking, rowing, and cooking!


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