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Buzz Solutions' Summer Internship Experience

Updated: May 10

What’s your name and internship role at Buzz?

  1. Hannah: Hannah Schuette - Project Manager

  2. Diego: Diego Sarkissian - Business Development Associate

What was exciting for you about working for a startup in the energy space?

  1. Hannah: I was most excited about being a part of an organization whose mission is to protect the world’s energy infrastructure. It felt good to know the work I was doing as an intern was for the greater good in the fight to protect the world’s environment and safeguard our energy.

  2. Diego: Being raised in Venezuela, I always had a fascination with the energy space, given that the oil industry comprised 95% of the economy. When I researched Buzz and saw the technological innovation behind their solutions and how they were applying to the energy space, I was sold.

What was your internship and what was a typical day for you like during your time as an intern at Buzz?

  1. Hannah: A typical day as a project manager intern mainly consisted of aiding the team in their work schedule and collaboration efforts. There has been a good deal of researching and brainstorming about how to optimize workflow and best practices for efficiency. I would usually meet with the team and facilitate meetings to discuss the work being done on both the frontend and backend. We would discuss how the two team’s work together and ensure that the team knows exactly what is happening for each week. I really enjoyed the facilitation aspect that the project manager intern position brought with it.

  2. Diego: A typical day as a business development intern consisted of conducting market research to determine the most suitable leads in the drone/helicopter provider and utility spaces. Then, planning effective outreach methods to present our solutions to potential clients. A great thing at Buzz has been having the chance to chat and learn about all the different parts of the business; so, I had meetings with the tech team, PM team and founders to gain exposure to the entirety of the company.

What have been some of your biggest learnings over the course of the summer internship?

  1. Hannah: I personally feel that the biggest benefit of working at a startup is being able to wear several hats and have my voice heard. It's hard to choose only a few things that I have learned as I have learned so much during my time at Buzz Solutions. As the project manager, I was able to aid Buzz Solutions in setting up many parts of their working structure. I learned about the industry standards and how to scale and optimize them for use in a startup. I also learned the importance of teamwork and building relationships with everyone on the team. We all learned what worked best for us as a team and fostered an amazing team dynamic that enabled a genuine and safe work environment which allowed all of us to develop a great team connection!

Hannah Schuette

  1. Diego: The main thing I learned was how to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment with tons of cross-collaboration. So, always being active and having the independence to take initiative on projects you deem valuable was a great lesson. I feel my capacity to understand a cross-section of this company has allowed me to lead projects that add value to the team. Additionally, I would say that learning directly from Kaitlyn, one of the founders, about all the ins and outs of startup funding rounds and all the data investors seek was game-changing. Definitely something you can’t learn in a classroom!

What is the most interesting project that you have worked on during your time at Buzz?

  1. Hannah: The most interesting project I have worked on has been collaborating with the team on building the platform. We have worked as a team to brainstorm different features to continually advance the platform and its capabilities. It’s been an awesome experience watching the platform grow and advance over time and I cannot wait to see how it advances in the future.

  2. Diego: I really enjoyed working directly with clients and attending demo meetings, because you have to clearly communicate the value and differentiation of Buzz. In the future, I am looking forward to taking more initiative on these demo sessions and tailor the meetings for each specific potential client.

How has your experience been working with the mission and team culture of Buzz?

  1. Hannah: It has been a great experience working for an organization whose mission is to safeguard the energy infrastructure as that is something that is so important to our modern day living. I have watched the team culture at Buzz Solutions thrive and it has been a great experience to be a part of such an open, welcoming, and encouraging culture.

  2. Diego: The team and culture have been welcoming from the beginning. I feel very close to the team and I have never even met any of them in person (thanks to Covid), since all of our work has been remote. I love the fun events and games we do during the week, as it offers a great opportunity to bond and improve the work we do together. I love team happy hour where we play games like among us and codenames, and share about the crazy things that happened in our week outside of work.

What is your favorite hobby or favorite weekend activity?

  1. Hannah: My ideal weekend consists of traveling and trying new foods! If I’m not doing that, I am usually chilling with my dog, Foxy - my 12 year old corgi mix who loves to play and go on hiking adventures.

  2. Diego: Playing sports is something that I do frequently. Team sports and activities like soccer and martial arts are my passions. My favorite team is FC Barcelona, a team I have followed from childhood. Plus, I love to explore nature while I travel to new places.

Diego Sarkissian

When was the last time that you did something for the first time?

  1. Hannah: Working at Buzz Solutions has allowed me to do something for the first time, all the time! Since researching consists of a good portion of what I have done with Buzz Solutions, I’ve been able to try to implement new projects and processes that I have never done before quite often. I truly believe that Buzz Solutions has given me so many learning experiences which I would not have been exposed to in other organizations.

  2. Diego: Buzz has given me the opportunity to engage in very diverse types of activities. For example, I have led many outreach efforts, but I have played a role in updating the website and writing a Sales Playbook.The nature of working at this great startup has given me this opportunity!

What is something else you are passionate about outside of work?

  1. Hannah: I am very passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures. My favorite place I have visited so far is Seoul, Korea where I was able to experience their amazing food and learn more about their culture by making friends and viewing their historical landmarks!

  2. Diego: I am passionate about self-development as well as maintaining physical and mental balance in my life. I actually have a “weekly” podcast with a friend where we discuss all about self development and how to optimize your life (@apexoman). So if you want to geek out on life improvement, send me a DM.


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