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Press Release: Buzz Provides AI-Powered Systems for Substation Surveillance, Equipment Assessment

Palo Alto, California (June 8, 2023) — Buzz Solutions, an AI company that enables a smart, stable and resilient energy infrastructure, today announced ongoing momentum for its substation surveillance and monitoring solution. Buzz Solution’s AI-powered solution deployed on fixed camera systems provides 24/7, real-time alerts on substation surveillance, monitoring, equipment damage, condition assessments, and fire or smoke-related events.

The past year marked a 71% increase in substation and power grid attacks causing major power outages affecting homes and businesses. These ongoing threats to the power grid underscore a critical need for increased surveillance. Today, because of numerous factors, many utilities are forced to rely on costly, inefficient and irregular manual visits and inspections. Due to increased societal pressure and government mandates, power utilities are eager to modernize their methods for substation damage prevention and response.

“Our core mission is to safeguard the world’s energy infrastructure and this includes substations, which are critical for moving electricity from transmission systems into homes and businesses,” said Kaitlyn Albertoli, CEO and co-founder of Buzz Solutions. “The exponential uptick in substation attacks is alarming, and we’re committed to developing solutions that ensure grid resiliency and prevent costly power disruptions to communities and cities that depend on it.”

Buzz Solutions already provides the industry’s most accurate AI and predictive analytics software to power utilities globally for T&D (transmission and distribution) infrastructure inspections. The company is seeing significant interest in its substation surveillance and condition monitoring solution and is increasing deployments with power utilities for substation monitoring and altering for surveillance, personnel safety, asset health and asset thermal events.

“The extension of Buzz’s industry-leading visual AI technology to be deployed on-the-edge camera devices for surveillance, security and condition monitoring of substation sites helps unite all aspects of power delivery infrastructure inspections,” said Vikhyat Chaudhry, CTO and co-founder of Buzz Solutions.

Core capabilities of Buzz’s PowerAI for substation condition monitoring include:

24/7 Surveillance and Condition Monitoring Alerting System

  • Intrusion monitoring and security surveillance using AI algorithms

  • Perimeter monitoring leveraging RGB and thermal imaging

  • Condition-based monitoring using on-the-edge and on-premise deployment of AI

  • Detection of high energy release events

  • Monitoring of high temperatures due to electrical asset failures

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