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Buzz Solutions partners with POWER Engineers

POWER Engineers, Incorporated (POWER) has officially partnered with Buzz Solutions.

Buzz Solutions offers Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven image recognition that allows utilities to inspect equipment, flag anomalies, and determine which repairs to prioritize. Previously, utilities have used field crews and helicopters to inspect equipment manually, which is both more time-consuming and less accurate than AI-based solutions.

Utilities across North America, but particularly in natural disaster-prone California, face daunting requirements to inspect and update equipment across their aging assets without causing customer rates to skyrocket. Because AI solutions are more cost-effective, Buzz Solutions hopes its technology will allow utilities to reduce operations and maintenance spending and re-allocate those funds to much-needed transmission and distribution replacements and improvements.

“Our relationship with POWER will allow utilities to tremendously speed up, improve the accuracy and efficiency of their inspections and reviews, ultimately making the grid safer for everyone," said Vikhyat Chaudhry, co-founder and COO/CTO, Buzz Solutions.

“This partnership allows us to accelerate the remarkable progress Buzz Solutions has already achieved,” said POWER President and CEO Jim Haynes. "Critically, this technology can improve our customers’ reliability and cost profiles at a time when there are so many competing demands on a utility’s balance sheet.”

POWER’s team will partner with Buzz Solutions to demonstrate and refine the impact and value of the technology. Buzz Solutions has already begun deployments across North America, including performing transmission and distribution inspections for Newfoundland Power and the New York Power Authority.

“Buzz Solutions is excited about the partnership with POWER Engineers given their strong solution offerings and expertise in the space,” said Kaitlyn Albertoli, co-founder and CEO of Buzz Solutions. “As the market continues to drive toward a digital transformation, we look to be at the forefront of AI adoption to help utilities improve the speed and efficiency of the inspection workflow.”

About POWER Engineers: POWER Engineers is an engineering and environmental consulting firm specializing in integrated solutions for clients in the power delivery, power generation, food & beverage, government, renewables and storage, campus energy, and oil and gas industries. Founded in 1976, it is an employee-owned company with 45 offices and more than 3,000 employees across North America.


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