Machine Learning Engineer - Computer Vision

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Job Level


Type of Job

Full Time

About the job


• 3+ years of industry experience for building and deploying Computer Vision based ML/AI models in production environments

• Researching and developing advanced algorithms for image and video processing as well as computer vision.

• Build Machine Vision and Computer Vision models for fault and anomaly detection, segmentation and classifications

•  Experience with 3D visual modeling, Point Clouds and building Computer Vision models for the point clouds is a plus

• Experience processing 3D image point clouds and building computer vision models for these point cloud reconstructions of the physical environment

• Experience training models on Virtual Machines, Google Kubernetes and Compute Engines

• Build Predictive models for generating predictive insights

• Deploy dynamic models on cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes Engine and as service REST APIs

• Integrating ML models with our Software Platform

• Deploying Computer Vision anomaly detection, classification and segmentation models on mobile devices and edge computing devices

To apply, send your resume (cover letter optional) to


• Master's or PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or a quantitative degree

• Experience in image/video processing, computer vision, machine learning

• Experience working with REST APIs, MLFlow, KubeFlow, VMs, Load Balancing, PyTorch, Computer Vision models such as Mask RCNN, Fast RCNN, Detectron2, YOLO, etc.

• Experience with Git, Docker, Compute Engine, VMs, Kubernetes Engine

• Experience deploying ML/Computer Vision models in production as end-to-end pipelines on cloud infrastructures as well as deploying Computer Vision models on edge computing devices

• Strong data science and machine learning skills

• Experience with Cloud Infrastructure such as Google Cloud Platform and AWS

• Experience with deploying Machine Learning models in production on Google Cloud Platform

• Proficient in Python, PyTorch, PySpark, MLFlow, KubeFlow, Docker

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

About us

Buzz Solutions safeguards the world's energy infrastructure by providing AI-based actionable insights and predictive analytics for power line and energy infrastructure inspections.

We are disrupting the power utility industry by providing automation for inspection and maintenance operations for infrastructure, using our AI-powered software platform, and are a venture backed and funded startup looking for great talent to share our vision of energy industry transformation.

Our solutions and technology allows the utilities to reduce current inspection operation costs by at least 50%, prevent power outages, prevent wildfires and manage their assets in an effective way.

You will be working with a talented, passionate and hardworking team of engineers and product managers to build end-to-end Machine Learning products and pipelines that will be deployed for our customers in order to prevent issues such as power outages, forced shutdowns, impact of climate change on the aging grid infrastructure and preventing wildfires.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA